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Flex Account FAQ

Flexible Spending Account, or Flex, is DukeCard’s pre-paid declining balance account. Faculty, staff and students automatically receive a Flex account when their DukeCard is issued. Pre-paid, refundable DukeCard Flex funds can be used at participating campus, medical center and hospital facilities as well as stores, gift shops, vending and laundry machines.


No. A FLEX account is included with the DukeCard that you carry for identification.

Yes. Students can deposit FLEX funds online by charging their Bursar account (see Manage Your DukeCard). Using the Duke@Work My Pay tab, employees can deduct funds from their pay and have those funds added to a FLEX account associated with their DukeCard. All DukeCard Holders can add funds by debit or credit card via the eAccounts portal or eAccounts mobile app on your device.

Yes. Cash, checks, debit and credit cards are accepted at both DukeCard offices.

Yes. Log into eAccounts to check your balance and view activity, including date, location and transaction amount.

In compliance with FERPA and REG-E, we cannot give any information regarding your DukeCard over the phone.

You may get a refund on purchases from your FLEX account.  Please contact the vendor directly.

Call the DukeCard Office immediately at (919) 684-5800.

If you lose your card, deactivate your card immediately in eAccounts. When you get your new card, your FLEX account will be available automatically. You are responsible for all unauthorized charges.

Refunds are processed for balances of $5 or more.  Employees get their refund by check; student refunds are credited to their Bursar account.