Medical Center and Health System Employees

Medical Center employees may receive their DukeCard during their DUHS Orientation. Please partner with your direct manager or HR contact for guidance on receiving your DukeCard. If you are not part of an orientation, please download and complete your portion of the Medical Center Card Request form before taking it to your HR representative to fill out the remainder. Bring the completed form to the DukeCard Medical Center Office to obtain your card. Health system authorized contractors will need a card request form from Duke Temp or the organization with whom they are contracting through. Volunteers must have a card request form from the Volunteers Office while visitors need a card request form from the department they are visiting.  

Medical Center and Health Systems employees may request an ID-only DukeCard which displays the employee's first and last name. First name only DukeCards are also available. ID-only DukeCards are for identification purposes only and may not be used for door access, purchases, etc.  Note that physicians and doctors are not eligible for ID-only DukeCards and will receive a physical DukeCard displaying their first and last name.

Schools of Medicine and Nursing Students

School of Nursing and School of Medicine students are emailed when it is time to upload their DukeCard photo.  Students receive their DukeCards from their Program Coordinator.  Any student who didn't submit a photo must visit the Medical Center DukeCard Office on or after their orientation date with a Medical Center Card Request Form completed by their Program Coordinator and a valid photo ID to receive their DukeCard.

Duke Temporary Services

All Duke temporary employees should go to the Medical Center DukeCard Office to obtain their DukeCard. Your Medical Center DukeCard Request Form will be given to you by Duke Temporary Services. Please check your email or contact DTS directly if you can’t find your Medical Center DukeCard Request Form. Your DTS DukeCard is valid for 6 months and you must complete a new Medical Center DukeCard Request Form to obtain a new one. Please see the Duke Temporary Services website for contact information and FAQ.

Sponsored Guests

All sponsored guests (contractors, visitors, or volunteers) must be sponsored by a school or department through the OIT Sponsored Accounts Page. Health system sponsored guests should obtain a card request form from their department to receive a card. All sponsored guests must go to the office they are affiliated with to receive a DukeCard. 

Duke Raleigh and Duke Regional Hospitals

Duke Raleigh and Duke Regional employees and sponsored guests may receive their DukeCard during their orientation process. Contact your direct manager or Human Resources department for more information.

  • Duke Raleigh Human Resources - 919.954.3896
  • Duke Regional Human Resources - 919.470.7275