Your DukeCard on your Apple or Android Mobile Device

You can add your DukeCard to your Android or Apple mobile device. Check the Mobile DukeCard page for more information.

Designate Your Chosen/Preferred FIRST Name 

Duke University students can designate their chosen/preferred first name for display on your Mobile DukeCard. Go to DukeHub and select "My Profile" then click the pencil icon next to "Preferred Name" to update your information.

Physical DukeCards

You should use your Mobile DukeCard unless you:

  • Are unable to download the Mobile DukeCard because your device doesn't meet minimum requirements
  • Need access to a specific lab or Health System building which requires a Prox DukeCard

Schedule an appointment on the DukeCard appointment site if you meet either of these conditions.

Transact eAccounts for International Students

International students are encouraged to download the eAccounts app and provision their Mobile DukeCard prior to coming to campus. If you experience issues with the settings on your device, you may have to wait until you arrive on campus for detailed support.

Back to School Tasks

  1. Install Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  2. Select your chosen/preferred name and personal pronouns for printing on your DukeCard
  3. Submit your DukeCard Photo as soon as possible
  4. Install Transact eAccounts for your Mobile DukeCard
  5. Set your DukeCard PIN


Apps are available at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.