Your DukeCard

Your DukeCard is a vital part of your life at Duke University. It serves as identification for all official interactions, provides access to everything from your residence hall to athletic events, and virtually eliminates the need to carry cash on campus. With your card, you'll be able to use your meal plan, your Food Points and your FLEX account. 

Residence Halls and Academic Buildings Access

Access to residence halls is controlled by your DukeCard. Use your card for access to your residence hall around the clock. Many other buildings on campus are locked after hours, but you will be able to use your DukeCard to gain access if you are authorized. 

Recreation Centers

Your DukeCard allows you to access the Recreation Centers on East and West Campus as long as you have been billed for the membership. Please see your Bursar record to verify payment.

Athletic Events

You may use your DukeCard for authorized access to athletic events, including basketball and football games, on campus.

FLEX Account

Your DukeCard comes with a FLEX account set up for you. When you add credit to your FLEX account, you'll be able to use campus laundry machines and buy everything including food at campus dining facilities, stores, vending machines and even textbooks. You can add funds to your FLEX account with credit card, debit card or Bursar charge. The minimum FLEX deposit by credit card is $15.00. Visit the Manage Your DukeCard site for more information.

Account Statements

You can get your dining points and FLEX statements online through the eAccounts portal or on the eAccounts mobile app.


The ePrint system enables students to print from computers and devices to hundreds of print stations throughout campus. Please see the ePrint website for more details.

Improper Use

If you see anyone propping a door open, abusing a DukeCard reader, or using someone else's card, please notify Duke Police at (919) 684-2444.

Only the person pictured on the DukeCard or Mobile DukeCard is authorized to use that card to make purchases or conduct business. Furthermore, your DukeCard is not transferrable from one person to another. You may only use the Mobile DukeCard on your own personal device. It is not transferrable from one device to another.