East Campus residents in East House, Giles, Pegram, Southgate and Trinity as well as West Campus residents in Craven Quad, Crowell Quad, Hollows A and Hollows B have wireless Passport 1000 locks with a PIN pad on their bedroom doors.  These locks require a DukeCard PIN in addition to your DukeCard or mobile credential.  Hollows A & B suites are equipped with Passport 1000 wireless locks on the suite's entry door and IN120 wireless locks on all bedroom doors. The IN120 lock do not have a PIN pad or require a PIN.


Passport 1000 wifi lock


IN 120 wifi lock

How to Use and Troubleshoot Your Wireless Lock

To gain access to a room with a Passport 1000 wireless lock, you should:

1. Hold your mobile device against the lock.

2. An amber light should appear.  Enter your four-digit DukeCard PIN.

3. If you correctly entered your PIN, the light should turn green.  You can then open your door.

The first time you use the lock, you may see a red light and the door won't open as the system retrieves your credentials. Wait a few minutes and try your mobile device again; enter your PIN.  You will see a green light and your door will open.

IN120 locks do not have a PIN pad.  Tap your mobile device against the lock.  The light on the lock will turn green and the door will open.  If your card was denied, the light will turn red.

Amber Light

Enter your four-digit PIN while the light on your lock shows amber.  If you correctly enter your PIN, the light will turn green and you can open your door.

Red Light

A red light can mean:

1. You have access to the room but you entered an incorrect PIN.  Wait a few moments, hold your mobile device against the lock again and enter the correct PIN while the amber light is still on.

2. You were recently given access to the room (e.g. new room assignment or room change, etc.). Wait approximately 5 minutes for the lock to update and try again.  You should now get an amber light and can try your mobile device again. 

3. You do not have access to that room.  Contact the Housing Office for assistance.

Blue Light

Your lock is configuring.

Green Light

You have access to that room and can open the door while the green light is lit.

No Light

Try your mobile device to enter your room.  If the lock doesn't respond with an amber light, the batteries are dead. Contact the Housing Office for assistance.

  • Visit dukecard.duke.edu.
  • Click on the My DukeCard Log In button on the top right of the screen.
  • Set your DukeCard PIN on the next page and hit Submit.
  • Your PIN should not start with zero.
  • Make sure the deadbolt has not been engaged - you will need to ask whomever is in the room to unlock the door.
  • Ask your roommate or RA to hold their mobile device against the lock to see if they can open the door. 

If your door still doesn't open, contact the Housing Office or your RA for assistance.

Do you have an issue with a Housing wireless lock?

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