When you add your DukeCard to your Google Wallet, you can tap wherever your physical DukeCard is accepted except Prox readers or Assa Abloy wifi locks. Your Android device must have NFC enabled. If you have added your Mobile DukeCard to Google Wallet, your screen must be active (awake) but your device does not need to be unlocked. 

Check out the Google Wallet User Guide for system requirements, setup instructions, information on using your Mobile DukeCard in Google Wallet, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Device results may vary depending on your device and operating system. Contact the DukeCard Office if you have any questions about setting up or using your Mobile DukeCard with Google Wallet.

Download or Update Transact eAccounts

Open the Google Play Store.

Type "Transact eAccounts" in the search box then click on the eAccounts app.

Install and open the eAccounts app.

Google Play Store Icon on Android Device
Samsung 5.jpg
Samsung 6.jpg

Setup Mobile DukeCard

Scroll through the Intro screen.

Click the "Get Started" button.

Type "Duke" in the search box then click on Duke University.

Samsung 7.jpg
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eAccounts Setup Step on Android Device

Click on eAccounts Portal.

Click "Continue to Sign in" and enter your NET ID and Password.

Click "Add to Wallet."

eAccounts Setup Select Duke University on Android Device
eAccounts Sign in Screen on Android Device
eAccounts Add to Wallet on Android Device

Click "Add to Google Wallet."

Read and acknowledge the No Transfer statement.

You will receive a Success message when complete.

DukeCard Credential Add to Google Wallet on Android Device
eAccounts Non Transfer Statement on Android Device
eAccounts App added to Android Device

How to Use Your Mobile DukeCard

You will need to activate your screen or unlock your device.

Turn on NFC on your device.

Android Device Back and DukeCard Reader
Android Device Screen with DukeCard Reader

Tap the middle back of your device where the numbers 1 and 2 are on the reader.

After tapping, you will see a confirmation message when device is successfully read.

Back of Android Device Showing Chip Location
Android Device Screen Showing Chip Location