The Transact eAccounts app enables your Android or Apple mobile device to be used to securely manage your Flex account balance, make deposits, access university buildings and pay for purchases at campus, medical center and hospital facilities, stores, gift shops, vending and laundry machines. 

International students are encouraged to download the eAccounts app and provision their Mobile DukeCard prior to coming to campus. If you experience issues with the settings on your device, you may have to wait until you arrive on campus for detailed support.

Android Users

Best Practice: Create a new user profile on your device and set the Google Play Country to the US.  Follow these steps:

Important caveat: after changing your country in your primary profile you will not be able to use your Google Play balance and points associated with your old country.  

Apple Users

iOS users will need to change their Apple ID Country or Region before they install the US version of Transact eAccounts. There are several steps you will need to take before you change your country or region and you will need to redownload your apps, music, films, TV shows and books after you make the change.  You will also need to set up a payment method to use with your new settings.

Contact Apple Support if you need assistance with changing your country or region setting or setting up a payment method.