For help in setting up your device, please visit the Mobile DukeCard Apple Devices page . You can also contact DukeCard for support at or the OIT Service Desk at


You can only use your DukeCard credential on two devices at one time.  You will need to remove your credential from one of the devices to which it has been added before you can use a new device.  

  • Open Apple Wallet on the device from which you want to remove your DukeCard.
  • Tap (…) on the lower right area of your card.
  • Scroll down and tap “Remove Card” at the bottom.

You must be signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID on all devices.

Yes.  You must have the latest version of eAccounts Mobile from the Apple App Store.  If you have automatic upgrades enabled, your device may already be updated.  Check at the App Store to see if you need to upgrade.

Log into the eAccounts portal and click Card Services on the menu bar.  Click on Deactivate Card on the next screen.  Choose the mobile device you want to deactivate from the drop-down list. Click the Deactivate Card button. You will receive a confirmation email from Transact eAccounts. Your physical DukeCard and any other device with DukeCard in Apple Wallet will continue to work on other devices even if you have deactivated a device.  

Log into the eAccounts portal and click Card Services on the menu bar.  Click on Reactivate Card on the next screen. Choose your mobile device from the drop-down list. Click the Reactivate Card button.  You will receive a confirmation email from Transact eAccounts

Yes, unless you suspend your credential.

Yes. You can remove your credential from your Apple Wallet and re-add it when you return to Duke.

Information updates should be made by contacting the following:

  • Photo updates – go to the DukeCard website to upload a new photo.
  • Name changes – employees should contact their HR representative to update their information in the SAP system; students should contact the Registrar’s office to update their information in the SISS system.

You should see changes to your DukeCard in Wallet once the updated information has been received by our system.

If your device is in Airplane Mode or if there is a service disruption, you will not receive a balance update on your DukeCard in Apple Wallet until your device has service again.  

A negative balance can occur if you make a transaction when a retail device is offline. When the device comes back online and the transaction is posted, you will see a negative balance if there are not enough funds in your account to cover the transaction.

No. You cannot request money from the Bursar's Office. However, you can add money to your DukeCard in the following ways:

  • DukeCard Office - we accept debit or credit cards 
  • Self-service station - cash only
  • eAccounts - by debit or credit card

Note that your card may be suspended by reasons other than a Bursar hold and you may not be able to add funds to your DukeCard in that case.

Contact the business owner of the transaction to report the suspected activity.  For suspected fraudulent use of your credential for building access contact Duke Police at (919) 684-2444.  

Return to the location of the sale and request the store issue a credit card refund and then process the transaction to charge your DukeCard in the POS register.

No. Once your DukeCard is in Apple Wallet, simply hold the top if your iPhone or Apple Watch to the reader. The device must be powered on, but you don’t have to open an app. 

If you need a card for residence hall access when DukeCard offices are closed, contact your Resident Assistant for a card that will provide access to your residence hall. If you don't know how to contact your Resident Assistant, please contact the Residence Coordinator on Call through Duke Police at (919) 684-2444.  

Questions about access to an academic or administration building should be directed to the DukeCard Office at (919) 684-5800 during regular business hours.

Your DukeCard credential becomes inactive when your status as faculty, staff or student is terminated.  If you transfer to another program or department within the University, your credential will remain active.