Mobile DukeCard

Duke University faculty, staff and students are eligible to add their DukeCard to their Apple or Android device for door access at university buildings, payment at participating campus, medical center and hospital facilities, stores, gift shops, dining, vending, and laundry machines. With the exception of Merchants on Points (MOPs), food truck vendors and Duke Libraries, your Mobile DukeCard can be used to access and pay wherever your physical DukeCard is accepted.

What are the key differences between using an iPhone or Apple Watch and an Android device?

Question Apple (iPhone and Apple Watch) Android
Do I need to have the screen awake or the app open? No, neither is necessary. The screen must be awake.
How do I hold the device at the reader? The top of the iPhone near the top of the reader. The middle of the phone near the top of the reader although this varies from phone to phone. Some have the letter 'N' to indicate the location of the NFC chip either on the outer case or on the inside of the back panel. You can check with your phone manufacturer for exact location.
Can I make a deposit through the Mobile eAccounts app? Yes, using a card in Apple Pay. No, not at this time.