Duke University and Medical System employees can deduct funds from their paycheck and have those funds added to the FLEX account associated with their DukeCard. Through the Duke@Work My Pay Tab employees can:

  • Establish a one-time or recurring deduction
  • Change previously established deductions
  • End previously established deductions

Remember the following when working with FLEX account deductions:

  • Employees can access the deductions page throughout the pay period; however, changes cannot be made while Corporate Payroll Services is executing a payroll run. Employees will receive a message indicating the system is locked during the payroll run.
  • For biweekly employees, the deduction is taken once a month and is deducted from the second payment in a month.
  • Once a payroll is run, all changes to Flex account deductions are final and cannot be changed until the next pay period.
  • Money is available in the Flex account no later than the first day for the month after the deductions are taken.
  • Recurring deductions can be established for one year. The year is based upon the pay period in which the deduction is established or changed.

Employees will receive email notifications as follows:

  • When a new deduction is established or when a deduction is changed.
  • Prior to the last deduction indicating that the upcoming deduction will be their last.

For more information about the DukeCard FLEX account, review the FLEX Account FAQ or contact the DukeCard Office at 919-684-5800 or dukecard@duke.edu.