DukeCard Fee Schedule
AudienceCard TypeFirst CardDamaged or Expired CardLost or Stolen Card
University employeesContactless with Magnetic Stripe$10$10$15
Health System employeesProximity with Magnetic Stripe$10$10$15
School of Medicine and School of Nursing studentsProximity with Magnetic Stripe$10$10$15
Some University and some Health System employeesProximity plus Contactless with Magnetic Stripe$10$10$15
Those with limited or restricted access needsiClass Proximity with Magnetic Stripe$15$15$20
Sponsored guests, summer program attendees, temporary staff, volunteers, and EmeritiContactless with Magnetic Stripe$10$10$15

Only the person pictured on the DukeCard or Mobile DukeCard is authorized to use that card to make purchases or conduct business. Furthermore, your DukeCard is not transferrable from one person to another. You may only use the Mobile DukeCard on your own personal device and it is not transferrable from one device to another.