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DukeCard Conditions of Use

Your DukeCard is the property of Duke University; you must carry it at all times while on Duke property, and present it upon request to any university official. A Mobile DukeCard credential installed on your phone is not a suitable substitute for having your card with you.

The card is not transferable; if you allow another person to use your card or mobile credential, or if you are in possession of else's card or mobile credential, the card or phone/watch may be confiscated, and both you and the other person may be subject to legal action.

If you lose your card or your phone/watch, you must IMMEDIATELY log into eAccounts to suspend your card or contact the DukeCard Office. You are responsible for all unauthorized charges. You will be required to pay a fee for a replacement card (see Get a DukeCard for fees). There are no fees for replacement of mobile credentials.