community photo of doors and bricks at Duke

Get Your DukeCard

Visit one of our office locations to take a photo and to get your DukeCard. Before a DukeCard can be issued, you must:

  • Present a valid government-issued picture ID (driver's license, passport, or military ID) 
  • Have been issued a Duke Unique ID
  • Pay the required fee for your DukeCard

We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards, FLEX, IRI charge or charge to student Bursar account as payment.

How to Get Your DukeCard

Go to Submit Your DukeCard Photo to upload your photo online. Most students receive their first DukeCards during orientation.

There is no fee for your first DukeCard. Visit the University DukeCard Office for a replacement card during business hours or evenings and weekends at the Link in Perkins Library.

Download and complete the University Employee Card Request form then bring it to the University DukeCard Office to obtain your card. Employees must also present a letter from their hiring department requesting an ID, including the person's name, Unique ID, department name, card type requested and Duke fund code to be charged. University authorized contractors, temporary staff and volunteers can also obtain their card at the University DukeCard Office.

Download and complete your portion of the Medical Center Employee Card Request form before taking it to your HR representative to fill out the remainder. Bring the completed form to the DukeCard Medical Center Office to obtain your card. Health system authorized contractors will need a card request form from Duke Temp or the organization with whom they are contracting through. Volunteers must have a card request form from the Volunteers Office while visitors need a card request form from the department they are visiting.  

School of Nursing and School of Medicine students are emailed when it is time to upload their DukeCard photo.  Students receive their DukeCards from their Program Coordinator.  Any student who didn't submit a photo must visit the Medical Center DukeCard Office on or after their orientation date with a Medical Center Card Request Form completed by their Program Coordinator and a valid photo ID to receive their DukeCard.

Cards for contractors are authorized by the Facilities Management Department for the university or Engineering & Operations department for the health system. Some contractors receive their card request form from the university or health system department they are contracting with.  Aerotek and Grace Federal Solutions contractors will receive a card request form from their respective organization.  Once you have obtained authorization, visit a DukeCard office and present your government-issued picture ID, a valid Duke Unique ID number and a letter from the authorizing office requesting an ID.

All sponsored guests must be sponsored by a school or department through the OIT Sponsored Accounts Page. Duke employee or student spouses and children with recreation center privileges between 10 and 26 years of age must be sponsored by their Duke family member. We do not issue DukeCards to children under 10 years old for any reason.  Health system sponsored guests should obtain a card request form from their department to receive a card.

DukeCard Fee Schedule

Audience Card Type First  Card Damaged or Expired card Lost or Stolen Card
University students (*) and most employees  Contactless with Magnetic Stripe $10 $10 $15
School of Nursing and School of Medicine students (*) Proximity with Magnetic Stripe $10 N/A $15
Health System employees Proximity with Magnetic Stripe $10 $10 $15
Some University and some Health System employees Proximity plus Contactless with Magnetic Stripe $10 $10 $15
Those with limited or restricted access needs iClass Proximity with Magnetic Stripe $15 $15 $20
Sponsored guests, summer program attendees, temporary staff, volunteers, retirees and Emeriti Magnetic Stripe $5 $5 $10
Duke employee and student spouses, children between 10 and 26 years old with family rec center privileges Magnetic Stripe $5 $5 $10


(*) Your first card is included in student fees