Join the DukeCardQ!

We are using QLess to make appointments to visit the University DukeCard Office. Schedule an appointment to pick up your DukeCard, add Flex funds or get Mobile DukeCard support. QLess helps eliminate lines, speeds up service delivery and promotes social distancing. If you are visiting to pick up a physical DukeCard, please complete and bring with you the university card request form.

    Schedule an Appointment

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    You can schedule an appointment or join a virtual queue via texting, mobile app or online.

    Receive Text Updates

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    Communicate via text or voice message, receive updates or share any delays you may anticipate.

    Now Serving

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    QLess notifies you when your appointment Is nearing.

    Ways to schedule an appointment:

    Prior to your appointment please complete the following tasks:

    Common text commands:

    • Text "L" when you need to exit the line.
    • Text "S" when you want an update of your wait time or place in line.
    • Text "M" to request more time.
    • Text "H" for help to get additional assistance.
    • Text "N#" to notify you in XX minutes before its your turn.

    To minimize traffic, please do not wait outside the DukeCard Office for more than 15 minutes before you are scheduled to arrive.  For more information, click here.