Welcome New Students!

We are exited to welcome you to Duke University for the 2019-2020 academic year! Before you arrive on campus, you can complete the following tasks to help you get up and running with your Mobile DukeCard.

1. Submit your DukeCard photo before move in day

2. Enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA) - MFA or two-step verification protects your NetID login and data. It is required to log into the eAccounts Mobile app.  We recomment that you download and install  the DUO Mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play

3. Install the eAccounts Mobile app available from the Apple Store or Google Play.    

4. Add your DukeCard to your Android smart device or Apple smart device.

5. Set your DukeCard PIN.

Check the Mobile DukeCard page for more information.

Set-up Your Device for Mobile DukeCard

Using Wireless Door Readers

East Campus residents in Giles, Pegram, Southgate and Trinity as well as West Campus residents in Craven Quad, Crowell Quad and Hollows A& B have wireless readers on their bedroom doors.  Find out more about how to use the wireless readers here.