What DukeCard Can Do

DukeCard is a vital part of life at Duke University and Health System. Your DukeCard can:

Confirm your identity

DukeCard serves as the official ID for:

  • Students currently enrolled
  • Full- and part-time faculty and staff
  • Alumni with a valid Duke Unique ID Number (See the OIT site for more information.)
  • Contractors and visitors
  • Spouses and same-sex spousal partners of Duke graduate students, faculty and staff

Allow access to facilities and services 

You'll swipe your DukeCard for authorized access to:
  • Residence halls, academic buildings, recreational facilities and office buildings
  • Events on campus
  • Time reporting systems for many employees
  • The campus ePrint system and photocopiers
  • Duke Libraries privileges (See the Duke Libraries site for more information.)
  • Employee discounts (See the HR site for more information.)
See Door Access Requests to submit requests for changes to scheduled door openings and card access.

Facilitate dining and purchases

DukeCard is the key to:

  • Your dining account, which allows you to get food from dining facilities, convenience stores and vending machines on campus, and from off-campus vendors who deliver food to campus.
    • See Duke Dining Services for information about dining facilities and plans.
    • You may need a DukeCard verification code to confirm your identity when paying merchants with food points. Learn more.
  • Your Flexible Spending Account (FLEX), which can be used to pay for food, books, school supplies, photocopies and color printing, laundry services and events. (See FLEX FAQ for more information.)

Conditions of DukeCard use:

  • Your DukeCard is the property of Duke University; you must carry it at all times while on Duke property, and present it upon request to any university official. 
  • The card is not transferable; if you allow another person to use your card, or if you are in possession of else's card, the card may be confiscated, and both the you and the other person may be subject to legal action.
  • If you lose your card, you must report the loss immediately to the DukeCard office or through the Online Card Office, so that your card can be suspended. You will be required to pay a fee for a replacement card (see Get a DukeCard for fees and procedures).