Departments and Merchants

Please contact the DukeCard office during normal business hours for information regarding:
  • Time tracking with DukeCard
  • Accepting FLEX for sales on and around campus
  • Accepting food points for meals at local establishments and food deliveries to campus 
You'll find information about office hours and locations on the home page of this site.

Building and Facilities Access

Duke University is committed to providing secure building access to students, staff, faculty, and authorized visitors.  Please refer to the university’s Building and Facilities Access Policy to review the policy and associated Facilities Access Governing Principles.  The DukeCard Office works closely with Local Facility Authorities (LFAs) and Access Coordinators (ACs) to comply with the policy and governing principles. 

Changes to Door Schedules or Individual Card Access

See Door Access Requests to submit a request for changes to scheduled door openings or an individual's card access. Any request for changes to an individual's card access will be granted for a perioid of one year unless a specific end date is included in the request.

Severe Weather and Emergency Conditions

When the university declares a severe weather or emergency event, DukeCard responds by immediately controlling all doors and point locations for the duration of the event.  Access to controlled doors is by DukeCard swipe.  The exception to this action is for buildings with dining locations (East Union, Brodhead Center and Bryan Center).  Athletics, Libraries, Music department and Baldwin Auditorium will report their schedule needs to the DukeCard Office as appropriate.  When normal operations return, DukeCard will revert all doors back to their normal schedule.

Please refer to the Severe Weather & Emergency Conditions Policy for further information.

DukeCard Data Requests

Requests for access information must be made via an email to  The request should come from the building’s LFA or Access Coordinator. Please include the following details:

  • Information you need (e.g. access date(s)/time(s), cardholder name, card number, Duke Unique ID number, etc.)
  • Who should receive the report
  • Business reason this information is needed and what you will do with it
  • Aggregate or individual data (details by cardholder or a summary of access in a given time period)

Once received, your data request will be submitted to the university’s Chief Information Security Officer for approval by university senior management.  In general, requests for aggregate, non-identified data are more likely to be approved than requests for individual data.  If your request is tied to suspected illegal activity, please work with Duke Police to file a report and obtain the requested information. 

DukeCard will not provide any combination of data that compromises FERPA or HIPAA regulations.